How to Build Muscles Fast

A lot of people believe that cardio is not important to the muscle building process, and in all honesty, some of them are right! Whether or not you decide to include cardio and legal steroids (see here: into your workout should depend on your body type. If you are naturally skinny, with a high metabolism, you may not need to put any emphasis on cardio.

However, if you are slightly over weight (and be honest with yourself!), it is very important to get yourself a regular cardio workout, as well as a muscle building workout…

How to Build Muscles and Include a Cardio Workout in the Process

While I was in the Military, we did TONS of cardio. We would run for miles! At first, I really hated it, but it started to grow on me! I enjoyed the rush that you feel after finishing a long distance run. I loved the way my legs ached after doing a hill run! I also really liked when we would do a combination of running and muscle building! A great way for you to start to include a cardio workout into your muscle building process is to run for a set amount of time, stop and do a few minutes worth of upper body workouts, and then start to run again.

This is something that we liked to call “circuit training“ .

The best place to set up a circuit training course is an open field. Take about 5 or 6 cones, set them up in a circle, and use some kind of sign to mark each cone with a different upper body workout. Here is an example of a what I am talking about. Make sure you bring the equipment that you will need for each exercise. Grab a couple sets of dumbbells for the curls and presses, and a chair for the dips.

My Personal Preference

What I like to do is run 5 laps around the circle, stop at a station, do about 2-3 sets of the specified exercise, and run another 5 laps. I usually rotate through each station about 2 or 3 times. Now, you are getting the cardio workout that you may need, and still concentrating on building muscles! You can always add more stations if you want! At the end of the circuit, you will feel really good about yourself, because not only did you work on your upper body, but you got a really nice, and not too strenuous cardio workout!

I hope this article will help you on your way to a lean body. Always remember, that effective workout is only 50% of success, there rest is dieting and good rest.

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